Achievements in Sustainability

HIWIN's Annual UN SDG Achievements

SDG1 消除貧窮 SDG4 教育品質 SDG11 永續城市

Chapters: 5. Friendly Corporation /
       7. Social Participation

  • Donated to elementary schools to build libraries, promote reading, give back to the community, and facilitate development in elementary education.
  • Continued to sponsor English courses at the Hsinchu County Liu-Jia Elementary School and Yunlin County Cih-Tong Elementary School; sponsored Hsinchu County Liu-Jia Elementary School, Yunlin County Cih-Tong Elementary School, and Chiayi County Sun-Hope Elementary School; donated children's books, newspapers, and magazines.
  • Donated, annually, NT$2 million to the Alliance Cultural Foundation, NT$1 million to the Huei-Ming School for Blind Children, and NT$500,000 to the Boyo Social Welfare Foundation as part of our efforts to give back to our communities
  • Continued to host the HIWIN Thesis Award, HIWIN Dissertation Award, HIWIN Robotic Competition, and HIWIN Education Foundation JIMTOF Fair Tour for Students.
  • Continued to cultivate students hired from industry-academia cooperation programs; as of 2021, 9 students have been promoted to managerial positions.
  • Provided 81,000 hours in training and development to 16,000 participants; per capita training hours were 16.8 hours and per capita training fees were NT$2,000.

SDG3 健康福祉

Chapters: 3. Branding, Marketing, and Innovative Services /
       5. Friendly Corporation

  • Healthcare - 13,947 services; Health Promotion - 1,558 services.
  • Uncovered 1,092 potential risks in safety campaigns led by department managers.
  • Reduced the treatment time by using HIWIN Robotic Gait Training System, saving 179,974 hours as of 2021.
  • HIWIN Robotic Endoscope with “virtual center locomotion” to achieve 360 degree rotation for minimally invasive surgeries.

SDG5 性別平等

Chapters: 5. Friendly Corporation

  • Increased percentage of new female employees by 138% from 2020; maintained percentage of female managers.
  • Provided a three-year childbirth subsidy of NT$180,000.

SDG8 就業與經濟成長

Chapters: 5. Friendly Corporation

  • Commissioned 4 social welfare groups to produce 4,659 boxes of mooncakes.
  • Developed on-the-job training and regular performance reviews, promoting 864 employees.
  • Helped Taiwan SMEs fulfill smart manufacturing targets and spearheaded intelligent automation in the plumbing and hand tools industry.

SDG6 永續水資源 SDG7 可負擔能源

Chapters: 6. Green Sustainable Environment /
       3. Branding, Marketing, and Innovative Services

  • Reduced use of luricants by 40%~70% by using HIWIN Intelligent ballscrew i4.0 BS®, thereby reducing 80kg of carbon emissions.
  • Continued to promote ISO 50001 energy management, reducing HIWIN's EnPI by 1.2% in 2021.
  • Installed a total of 535.11KW of solar power as of 2021, generating a cumulative total of 734,588KW solar power.
  • Used reclaimed water, which now accounts for 5.9% of HIWIN's total water consumption.
  • Increased drive efficiency by 35% and work efficiency by 20% in HIWIN's Torque Motor rotary table when compared with mechanical rotary tables.
  • Increased energy efficiency by 85% by using motors with HIWIN DATORKER® Strain Wave Gear over just using regular motors.

SDG9 永續企業及創新

Chapters: 2. Company Profile & Corporate Governance /
       3. Branding, Marketing, and Innovative Services

  • Filed 3,312 patent applications.
  • Collaborated with customers to promote smart manufacturing and smart factories, helping customers save one-third of existing labor costs.
  • Increased capacity; as of 2021, HIWIN achieved consolidated revenue of NT$27.27 billion and EPS of NT$10.36.
  • Participated in the A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program in collaboration with the Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Chung Cheng University, National Tsing Hua University, and advanced machine tool manufacturers in Taiwan to co-develop high-end five-axis machines using HIWIN self-developed technologies.

SDG12 永續生產與消費

Chapters: 3. Branding, Marketing, and Innovative Services/
       6. Green Sustainable Environment/
       4. Create Value & Common Prosperity

  • Effectively developed lightweight and energy-efficient crossed roller bearings are 92% smaller in size than angular roller bearings.
  • Introduced a sludge dryer system to Yunlin Factory II, effectively reducing inorganic sludge by 54%.
  • Reduced HIWIN HQ waste oil by 168 tons.
  • No cases of selling prohibited or controversial products.
  • No cases of stakeholders questioning or openly debating about HIWIN's primary products.
  • Received 0 disciplinary actions from regulatory authorities.
  • Received 0 reports of customer data leaks.
  • Invested NT$113.964 million in green procurements.

SDG13 氣候風險行動

Chapters: 6. Green Sustainable Environment

  • Assembled a Climate Change Adaptation Management Team to identify physical and transition risks to HIWIN; disclosed climate risks and opportunities and their respective financial impact in compliance with the TCFD framework.
  • Adopted 4,444 square meters of street trees.

SDG16 包容社會

Chapters: 5. Friendly Corporation / 7. Social Participation

  • Hired 41 employees with mental or physical disabilities.
  • No cases of discrimination against indigenous peoples or violations of indigenous rights.
  • Organized 33 volunteer missions, offering 322 volunteer services and 971 hours of volunteer services.
  • Offered overtime pay, year-end bonuses, and a full-time position with pay raise (better than industry standards) at the end of their term to foreign workers; organized occupational safety training, created a friendly workplace, and provided three free meals and snacks daily as well as spacey dorms (2-4 employees / suite) that are better than industry standards to foreign workers.