Special Report


On the Frontlines against COVID-19

In early 2020, Taiwan assembled the National Mask Production Team. HIWIN became one of the first companies to join the National Team and completed the impossible mission of manufacturing 92 medical mask machines in 40 days in support of government efforts. Those medical mask machines increased Taiwan's daily medical mask production capacity from 1.8 million masks to 15 million masks as we spearheaded medical mask manufacturing efforts. HIWIN produced The Mask-Making Miracle, a documentary detailing the mask-making team: 40 days of intense production to deliver 92 medical mask machines. Funded by the HIWIN Education Foundation and directed by President Enid H.C. Tsai, The Mask-Making Miracle spotlighted Taiwan's manufacturing prowess and our machinery industry's unique culture. We believe the documentary is invaluable to Taiwan's legacy and can be used as a case study in management studies. The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) translated the documentary to English, Japanese, and other languages to showcase Taiwan's mask-making miracle to the world.

Epidemic Prevention Management

When entering facilities, HIWIN employees are required to measure their body temperatures and fill out an online health survey every day to help us safeguard occupational health and safety in the workplace. HIWIN also launched an internal COVID-19 reporting system to complement Taiwan's 1922 QR Code for epidemic prevention. The internal reporting system is triggered when HIWIN employees are discovered to have been in the same vicinity of confirmed COVID-19 cases, exhibited cold symptoms, or have had contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases, enabling HIWIN to enact immediate containment measures, which is conducive to more efficient epidemic prevention plans.

In the face of different COVID-19 variants and its continuous spread, HIWIN has perfected various epidemic prevention capabilities. To remind HIWIN employees of the importance of complying with epidemic prevention measures, HIWIN has launched various campaigns including posters, epidemic prevention ads when turning on electronic machines, etc. Colleagues responsible for work safety and occupational health also helped familiarize factory managers with emergency response measures, kept a close eye on the pandemic in Taiwan, and complied with the central government's epidemic prevention measures to make rolling adjustments, ensuring HIWIN is well prepared to contain the epidemic and minimize risks.

HIWIN's epidemic prevention posters and QR code reporting system

Supporting Epidemic Prevention Efforts

In the face of this daunting pandemic, Global Chairman and CEO Eric Y.T. Chuo conveyed a positive and encouraging message: “Though we cannot change the world or contain the pandemic in other countries, we, as citizens, can do our part to help society and medical workers in our respective domains.” We hope our efforts can inspire others to contribute to their country's healthcare capacities.

  1. In May 2021, when the pandemic worsened in Taiwan, the country was facing a shortage of negative pressure isolation rooms. Former Minister Lin Chia-Lung of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), the Light Foundation, and the Mt. Dadu Industrial Innovation Foundation called on society to donate negative pressure isolation rooms. HIWIN acted swiftly, donating NT$300,000 to support Taiwan's healthcare system with real action.
  2. In 2021, HIWIN donated 50 cleanroom-level positive pressure testing booths (PPTB) in line with our spirit to "treat others as ourselves, love others as ourselves.” The PPTBs were equipped with energy-efficient A.C.s and air filters, ensuring minimal cross-contamination in the enclosed space. On June 16th, HIWIN started delivering the PPTBs to medical centers designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW), ensuring that COVID-19 testing staff can work in a risk-free, comfortable, and safe environment and that the public has access to quick, convenient testing services.
  3. 1ml syringes retain small doses of vaccines, effectively reducing wasted COVID-19 vaccines by 10~20% and increasing vaccination rates. In 2021, the Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce (CNAIC) launched called for 1ml syringe donations to the MOHW. HIWIN, always at the frontlines of epidemic prevention 19 ESG REPORT 2021 efforts, immediately donated 300,000 1ml syringes valued at NT$960,000 to increase Taiwan's vaccination rate and help the public return to normal economic activities.
HIWIN Corporation: HIWIN and HIWIN Mikrosystem Corp. donated 50 PPTBs. A group photo of Chairman Eddie W.H. Chuo (second on the left) with medical orkers from the Taichung Hospital

Supporting Epidemic Prevention Efforts in Overseas Subsidiaries (Advance Deployment)

Epidemic prevention measures at HIWIN's Taiwan HQ were swift and comprehensive. During the pandemic, we decided to share our practices and information with affiliated companies and overseas subsidiaries to enable preemptive actions.

HIWIN locations in Taiwan were unaffected by the pandemic, and factories continued to operate at full capacities. Though lockdowns and suspension of work were imposed in various locations in Europe, the U.S., and Asia, HIWIN subsidiaries, overseas markets, and especially customers in the medical industry or customers producing epidemic-related equipment experienced an influx of orders. HIWIN's Taiwan factories supported customers by operating at full capacity, even working overtime, to deliver necessary medical and epidemic prevention equipment by air.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HIWIN's overseas subsidiaries continued to improving epidemic prevention measures. In January 2021, our German subsidiary organized two vaccination events to vaccinate all employees with the third booster shot. They also installed acrylic boards, ventilation systems, and air purifiers in the office. In areas where they were unable to install ventilation systems, they installed energy recovery ventilators to bolster epidemic prevention. On August 6th, 2021, Italy announced a “Green Pass” effective across the country. In response, we required employees to hold a Green Pass to enter HIWIN facilities. HIWIN's subsidiaries in Japan offered leave days to encourage employees to get vaccinated and have now achieved a vaccination rate of 50%. Subsidiaries in South Korea, Singapore, and Suzhou also regularly advocated epidemic prevention measures and encouraged employees to get vaccinated.

HIWIN's subsidiary in Germany install air switch
義大利子公司-綠色通行證(Green Pass)
HIWIN's subsidiary in Italy required Green Passes

HIWIN's subsidiary in South Korea regularly promote the culture of mask use
HIWIN's subsidiary in Suzhou repeatedly aired ads promoting epidemic prevention measures

HIWIN Supporting Taiwan's and Global Efforts against COVID-19

Demand for HIWIN products skyrocketed during the pandemic. To support medical manufacturers in Sweden, Italy, Singapore, China, the U.S., and South Korea, we ensured swift shipment of HIWIN's products for the critical key components need of medical mask machines, thermometer guns, ventilators, monitoring nstruments, etc.

HIWIN Products around the World:

U.S.- Medical mask machines and ventilator simulators.

Germany - Rising demand for automated equipment generated by the pandemic, i.e., beverage packaging machines.

Sweden - Lens calibration tool developed for Swedish customers in the optics sector was applied to thermal cameras. HIWIN's Swedish distributors wrote a letter thanking HIWIN, saying there were proud to be HIWIN distributors.

Spain - 3D printer components for manufacturing ventilators.

Italy - HIWIN Taiwan shipped ballscrews used for 3D printers for ventilators and purifiers.

South Korea - Blood testing instruments developed by a South Korean customer can produce pneumonia testing results in 6 hours, leading to an influx of rush orders from all over the world. The instrument employs HIWIN's lightweight linear slides, and we delivered shipments as fast as possible to support our customers fulfill orders.

Switzerland - Blood testing or COVID-19 testing instruments.

Taiwan - Automated medical mask production line.

China - Key components for medical mask machines, ventilators, testing instruments, etc.

上銀(HIWIN) 不只是台灣口罩國家隊,也是防疫所需醫療設備的世界隊