Organization Chart

Organization & Structure

HIWIN’s management team is dedicated to corporate governance policies that safeguard shareholder equity and increase our information transparency. Our efforts have been widely recognized, ranking in the 6%-20% of listed companies in Taiwan in the TWSE’s Corporate Governance Center's eighth (2021) corporate governance evaluation. Main Practices:

  1. Functional committees fulfill their functional duties to strengthen the board’s function and corporate governance roll-out.
  2. Establish an effective internal control system and implemented self-checking. Leverage the professional experiences of independent directors to strengthen the team’s practical experiences.
  3. Establish a public information declaration process so that shareholders and stakeholders can fully understand the company’s financial and business status and the implementation of corporate governance.
  4. The Board of Directors is the highest governing body. All resolutions from the Board must be recognized by the shareholders’ meeting. In addition to oversight from the board, the ESG Committee also spotlights issues relating to education, the economy, the environment, and the disadvantaged in society and also reports material items in board meetings.

Organization Chart

The nature of HIWIN’s ownership and legal form is a joint-stock company. HIWIN’s management structure in 2021 is as follows:


The parent company, subsidiaries, and sub-subsidiaries as of the end of 2021:


Internal Control

The internal control system is designed by management, approved by the board, and carried out by the board, management, and employees. The goal of the internal control system is to facilitate sound operations and reasonably ensure (1) operational efficiency or effects, (2) integrity of financial reporting, and (3) regulatory compliance.

There are five components of an internal control system: (1) Control Environment, (2) Risk Evaluation, (3) Control Operation, (4) Information and Communication, and (5) Monitoring.

Information Disclosure

HIWIN discloses company information in the principles of transparency and good faith. Operational performances, financial reports, and ESG reports are disclosed, transparently and openly, on investor service platforms or the HIWIN website for investors. In addition to announcing information on shareholder meetings and roadshows on the Company website, HIWIN has also established a spokesperson system to handle investor and shareholder queries. The spokesperson system serves as a communication channel between the Company and investors. In 2021, HIWIN released 56 Material Information (Note).

For internal communication, HIWIN launched the argon mailbox (direct channel to the chairman), hope mailbox (direct channel to the president), and help mailbox (HR feedback platform) to encourage employees to express their opinions or report violations, which is conducive to organic corporate growth and development. In 2021, HIWIN received 3 suggestions regarding our management system. All suggestions have been handled accordingly.