Talent Retention Policy

HIWIN values its employees and upholdsthe spirit of fairness and objectivity inthe selection, employment, training, andretention process. We do not discriminatebetween gender, race, religion, politicalaffiliation, marital status, or education –providing the same resources for all. Ourretention policy is based on compensationand benefits, training and development,health management, communication, andfamily activities. We hope this allows allHIWIN employees to work with peace ofmind, explore their potential, continue togrow, care for their physical and mentalhealth, express their opinions and givefeedback, and have harmonious familyinteractions. By providing their familieswith better quality lives, they becomean important source of support for ouremployees.

Competitive Compensation & Benefits

  1. HIWIN provides annual salaries thatrank above the industry average (basedon average salaries disclosed on theMarket Observation Post System),and the salaries of new hires inTaiwan and across the world exceedlocal minimum wages. Upholdingthe principle of equal pay for equalwork, except for employees on unpaidleave, all employees are given variousperformance evaluations, such asnew-entry appraisals, quarterlyappraisals, year-end appraisals, andproject appraisals, to encourage and reward contributions by outstandingemployees. Employees are givenvarious bonuses according to theirperformance evaluation- a highlightof the merit system. An example isthe lifetime royalties system: if anemployee develops new technologythat is profitable for the company, thenHIWIN settles a period bonus on theemployee, very much like a licensingfee, so they can share in the resultswith the company for life.
  2. With regards to pensions, HIWINhas established a pension plan inaccordance with the Labor StandardsAct and the Labor Pension Act thatprovides stable pension contributions.HIWIN appoints actuaries to provideperiod pension reports and ensurecontributions are made in full tosafeguard the rights of employeesclaiming pensions in the future.
  3. HIWIN aims for sustainable management and provides comprehensive employee benefits, allowing dedication to work with peace of mind. In addition to legally mandated holidays, such as two days off per week, advanced special leave, paid maternity leave, menstruation leave, family care leave, unpaid parental leave, HIWIN also settles legally mandated labor insurance, health insurance, and pension contributions, as well as providing comprehensive benefits to fulfill employer responsibilities of employee care. (Please see annual report:https://www.hiwin.tw/stock/annual_report/2021_中文年報.pdf)