Policies for Employee Benefits

HIWIN hopes that every employee can feel taken care of physically and emotionally and that their families can enjoy lives of better quality, so employees can serve as important sources of support for HIWIN's long-term development. Therefore, HIWIN provides various employee benefits through insurance/medical care, comprehensive employee insurance plans, subsidies for social gatherings, weddings, funerals, and childcare, as well as employee dormitories, bonuses, and dividends.

HIWIN Provides Comprehensive Employee Benefits

Benefits Projects
Insurance/Healthcare Group insurance, regular health checkups, flu vaccination.
Comprehensive Employee Insurance Plans HIWIN contributes to the labor insurance and national health insurance plans for all employees in accordance with the law to ensure the full protection of our employees. Also, to ensure protection for the livelihoods of our employees and their family members, HIWIN also provides group insurance for medical, accident, and major illness insurance.
Quarantine Leave In response to COVID-19, paid "quarantine leave for business" will be granted to employees making business trips overseas. For those taking care of family members or who themselves are under quarantine, "quarantine leave" will be granted that does not affect full attendance.
Childcare Subsidies In light of the low birth rates in Taiwan, which has become a future concern for the country, HIWIN wishes to encourage employees to have children and will share in the cost of childcare. The company provides a total of NT$180,000 in childcare subsidies per child over three years to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.
Subsidies for Social Gatherings To cultivate and motivate employees and teams, the company provides quarterly departmental "social gathering (meal) subsidies" to allow employees to arrange group dinners or entertainment, so that they can relax and familiarize themselves with one another outside of work.
Subsidies for Weddings and Funerals To ensure the well-being of all our employees, a wedding bonus ranging from NT$3,600 to NT$60,000 is given depending on their rank and years of service, and condolence pay of between NT$3,100 to NT$110,000 is given in the event of the death of an employee or a family member.
Employee Dormitories Considering the cost of accommodation and the safety of our employees, HIWIN provides affordable staff dormitories with comprehensive safety management, 24-hour security, and disaster prevention drills, as well as dormitory managers, so that employees can live with peace of mind, enhance their interpersonal interactions, and save on expenses.
Employee Bonus If HIWIN makes an annual profit, we allocate up to (and including) 10% and no less than 1% for distribution as employee bonuses so both the company and employees share in the results of their work.
Other Employee cafeteria and parking, free overtime meals and snacks, holiday compensation, festival and birthday gift vouchers, special store discounts, sports day prizes, massage service, periodic art events, diverse physical and mental health activities, etc.

In light of Taiwan's low birth rates, which is now a future concern, HIWIN began promoting the "parental benefits" policy in 2013 to increase Taiwan's fertility rate and implement corporate social responsibility. HIWIN encourages employees to have children and shares in childcare expenses by providing a total of NT$180,000 over three years for every child – doubled for twins. Parents who are both HIWIN employees may apply concurrently. With HIWIN promoting welfare and support for employees, a total of 1,242 employees have applied for childcare benefits, and the percentage of employees who return to their original position after childbirth in 2021 was 89%. Employees can safely return to the workplace and realize their self-worth. Also, HIWIN has high regard for labor rights, so men account for a quarter of all applicants for unpaid parental leave, testifying to the fact that in addition to valuing work, HIWIN employees are also dedicated to gender equality within household responsibilities.

Childcare Benefits Policy

Unpaid Parental Leave in 2021

Year Unpaid Parental Leave Male(persons) Percentage(%) Female(persons) Percentage(%)
2021 Number of eligible applicants (A) 372 83.2% 94 16.8%
The actual number of applicants (B) 4 25% 12 75%
Application rate (B/A) 1% 13%
Number of employees expected to return to work (C) 3 3
The actual number of employees who returned to work (D) 2 3
Reinstatement rate (D/C) 66.7% 100%
2020 Number of employees who returned to work (E) 1 5
Number of employees who have returned to work for over a year (F) 1 4
The retention rate of employees who return to work (F/E) 100% 80%