Green Manufacturing

Energy Efficient Manufacturing Reduction

HIWIN cares about energy management and can foresee many difficult challenges in the future of this field. As such, we strive to manage energy use effectively, increase energy efficiency, take a more active role in energy management, generate energy, and perfect our energy management system and smart monitoring systems to achieve optimal power generation benefits. We look forward to creating infinite possibilities for energy conservation across different domains by applying our unique competencies and expertise.

2017~2021 Achievements in Energy Conservation

Item \ Year 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Cases (No.) 7 5 11 19 18
Annual Energy Savings (kWh) 1,223,887 912,039 3,831,650 3,819,993 3,264,199
Annual Energy Savings (NT$10,000) 360 268 1,126 1,122 960
Carbon Reduction in Metric Tons (CO2e) 678 486 2,042 1,944 1,639
Energy Savings (TJ) 4.41 3.28 13.80 13.75 11.75
  1. Electricity Carbon Emission Factor from announcements by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs
    2017: 0.554kg CO2e/ kWh, 2018: 0.533kg CO2e/ kWh, 2019: 0.509kg CO2e/ kWh,
    2020: 0.509kg CO2e/ kWh, 2021: 0.502kg CO2e/ kWh

The ISO 50001:2018 energy management systems was rolled out at HIWIN factories starting from 2014. In 2021, we completed verifications for ISO 50001:2018 energy management systems at 8 HIWIN locations (HQ, Gong Factory II, Jingke Factory II, Yunlin Factory I, Yunlin Factory II, Yunlin Factory III, Dapumei Factory I & Dapumei Factory III).

Verification Process for Energy Management Systems

Verification Process for Energy Management Systems

HIWIN has been able to meet energy management system targets by continuing to perfect our systems. We have established an energy baseline and EnPIs (Energy Performance Indicators) and sought counseling to uncover energy conservation plans. Our three-stage action plan is: 1) lay the foundations for a smart energy management systems; 2) promote smart energy management applications; and lastly, 3) develop smart controls according to demand responses. The first stage, building an energy management and monitoring system, has already been completed. Every year, we will run energy diagnostics on the system using precision measurement tools and energy conservation technologies to analyze energy loss and assess potential for improvement, allowing us to develop more energy conservation plans.

Smart Energy Management

Smart Energy Management

Energy Monitoring Systems at HQ

Outcomes from the 2021 Technology Diagnostics

  1. Identified a total of 66 leak points in air compressor systems, leaking about 169.1cfm.
  2. Yunlin Factory and Dapumei Factory should adjust their contract capacity.
  3. Identified 7 air compressor systems operating at suboptimal conditions (degenerating air compression performance, output pressure too high, etc.).
  4. Identified 4 water chillers operating at suboptimal conditions (poor cooling efficiency, slow rotational speed from loosened belts, etc.).
  5. Identified 2 boilers operating at suboptimal conditions (oxygen content of exhaust gases >5%, recycled condensation at lower temperatures than required).
Energy Diagnostics

Energy Diagnostics

2022 Reduction Targets: Set 24 targets that will, in estimation, conserve 5,853,854 kWh in electricity, 2,939 MT CO2e in carbon emissions, and 21.08 TJ in energy.

Achievements from 2021 Reduction Targets

Factory Project Annual Energy Savings (1,000 kWh) Annual Energy Savings (NT$10,000) Carbon Reduction (MT CO2e) Actual Energy Savings (TJ)
HIWIN HQ Condenser maintenance and cooling performance 71,207 21 36 0.26
Coordinated water chiller control 50,758 15 25 0.18
Air Compressor Leak Repair Project 370,613 109 186 1.33
Jingke Factory II Reduce pressure setting for air compressors used in manufacturing processes 89,961 26 45 0.32
Enhance the cooling performances of A.C. Systems and cooling towers 27,638 8 14 0.10
Air Compressor Leak Repair Project 324,125 95 163 1.17
Factory II Adjust the air compressor's operational mode 152,409 45 77 0.55
Enhance cooling towers' cooling performance 108,655 32 55 0.39
Air Compressor Leak Repair Project 104,140 31 52 0.37
Yunlin Factory I Adjust air compressor systems 49,275 14 25 0.18
Air Compressor Leak Repair Project 569,402 167 286 2.05
Yunlin Factory II Air Compressor Leak Repair Project 142,866 42 72 0.51
Yunlin Factory III Adjust the operational sequence of water chillers 182,363 54 92 0.66
Dapumei Factory I Air Compressor Leak Repair Project 595,699 175 299 2.14
Adjust the output pressure for air compressor systems 333,522 98 167 1.20
Dapumei Factory III Adjust the reasonable contract capacity 12,838 4 6 0.05
Air Compressor Leak Repair Project 78,728 23 40 0.28
Total 3,264,199 960 1,639 11.75

Green Energy Development

The Taiwanese government has listed carbon reduction as one of its most important policy directives. To support the government's efforts, we are developing sustainable, ecofriendly green energies. Starting from 2016, we have gradually rolled out our solar energy program, actively investing technologies and resources into the renewable energy source. In 2019, we installed 485.75kW in solar energy and connected our solar power generators with the electric grid to supply green energy.

2019-2021 HIWIN Installed Renewable Energy Capacity & Power Generation Capacity

Renewable Energy Capacity & Power Generation Capacity
  1. As of 2021, HIWIN has installed a total of 535.11kW of solar energy and generated a cumulative total of 734,568kW. We had plans to install an additional 2,329.89 kW in Taichung and Yunlin factories at the end of 2021. In 2022, we invested around NT$230 million into solar energy.
  2. At the end of 2023, we plan to connect our solar power generators to our factory's own grids to supply our own energy demands. Once the new solar power systems are installed, HIWIN will be able to generate 5,102,459 kWh annually and reduce 2,561,434 kg in carbon emissions. (Electricity Carbon Emission Factor 0.502 kg/kWh, based on an average of 6 hours of power generations every day)
Solar energy systems at HIWIN's HQ

Solar energy systems at HIWIN's HQ