Charitable Sponsorship

1.The Alliance Cultural Foundation

HIWIN sponsors NT$2 million annually to the Alliance Cultural Foundation. As a board member of the Alliance Cultural Foundation, President Enid H.C. Tsai offers timely assistance and feedback. The funds allocated for the Alliance Cultural Foundation are used as follows: 1. Art and cultural development 2. Educational plans 3. Tourism industry guidance 4. Resource integration projects.

2.Huei-Ming School for Blind Children

HIWIN sponsors NT$1 million annually to the Relief Program of Heui-Ming School for Blind Children and supports each child with love. Under the educational belief of shared prosperity for the community and the school, the sponsorship helps the school implement balanced and adaptive learning development for each student in a safe and barrier-free campus with professional teachers. It also contributes to the learning capacity in a sustainable environment enriched with culture, nature, aesthetics, and creativity.

3.Boyo Social Welfare Foundation

Professor Lee Chia-Tung, Founder and Chairman of Boyo Social Welfare Foundation has been investigating the serious educational gap in Taiwan. He discovered that most children from disadvantaged families have poor academic performance and lack competitiveness as they reach adulthood, which results in the increasingly significant wealth gap in Taiwan. Since 2015, HIWIN has been sponsoring NT$500,000 annually to the Boyo Social Welfare Foundation. The free remedial teaching for disadvantaged children offers a chance for them to break free from the cycle of poverty. Moreover, the adaptive teaching method enables children to learn as beginners, acquire basic skills, and build competitiveness.

4.National Tsing Hua University Sunrise Program

National Tsing Hua University launched the Sunrise Program in 2013 to help socially and economically disadvantaged students that exhibit potential and excellence albeit a lack of educational resources. HIWIN sponsored NT$1 million each year from 2015 to 2018, offering a NT$400,000 scholarship to students during their four year study in university so that they can focus on their studies to overturn the fate of their generation without worrying about finances. Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a sharp plunge in scholarships. In response, HIWIN offered an additional NT$1 million to aid outstanding students coming from poor families. By supporting them in their academic pursuits, we cultivate the future pillars of our nation.

5.Taiwan Society for Precision Engineering "2022 Precision Engineering Research Project and Paper Award"

To encourage outstanding talents to join the R&D sector in precision engineering, the Taiwan Society for Precision Engineering initiated the Precision Engineering Research Project and Paper Award. HIWIN budgeted NT$1.8 million in 2021 to sponsor and co-organize the 2022 Precision Engineering Research Project and Paper Award. We hope to facilitate the culture of innovative R&D and talent acquisition in the industry, as well as the exchanges and collaboration between the industry, academia, and research facilities, to further enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan's precision engineering industry.

6."Sharing is Caring" Philanthropic Campaign

The Ministry of Finance commissioned the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) to hold the "Sharing is Caring" philanthropic campaign in 2021. ESG was incorporated for the first time with "social care" and "environmental protection," which are themes under the global spotlight. The campaign called for creative proposals that leverage Taiwan products and services to help improve the local environment and society in concrete measures. The display of how Taiwanese corporates value environmental sustainability and social responsibilities further enhance Taiwan's visibility and image in the global community. To support TAITRA's campaign, HIWIN sponsored NT$100,000 and submitted proposals as well.

7.Israel: The Classic

HIWIN has service locations in major industrial countries globally and R&D centers in Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Russia, and Israel. Since HIWIN acquired Mega-Fabs, a leading motion system manufacturer in Israel in 2009, Israel has become a key high-end equipment market for HIWIN's precision positioning products.

Israel: The Classic is a book suitable for beginners learning about Israel. Kao Song-Ming, author of the book used many photos and pictures to complement dense but well-articulated descriptions of the history, people, geography, culture, and industries of Israel. Readers may feel tempted to finish the book in one sitting. HIWIN sponsored the publication of the book in 2021 with the expectation to have more people learn about Israel.

8.Wait and See Exhibition

Chu Jian-An is a designer with hearing impairments. He won the Gold Award of HIWIN Mascot Competition in 2015, and his award-winning work later became the prototype of HIWIN Ambassador. Chu teaches art at the Affiliated School for Students with Hearing Impairments of the National University of Tainan. To encourage more people with disabilities to present their talents and creativity courageously and positively regardless of limitations imposed by their impairments, Chu curated the Wait and See exhibition in 2021. The exhibition also urged the government to take note of the needs of people with visual and hearing impairments and encouraged corporates to offer more job opportunities to people with disabilities. HIWIN sponsored NT$200,000 to support Chu Jian-An's exhibition. President Enid H.C. Tsai visited the exhibition and encouraged Chu to share his story as a way to enrich others.

President Enid H.C. Tsai (left) and designer of HIWIN Ambassador, Chu Jian-An photographed at the opening ceremony of his solo exhibition.

President Enid H.C. Tsai (left) and designer of HIWIN Ambassador, Chu Jian-An photographed at the opening ceremony of his solo exhibition.

Cultural creative products of HIWIN Ambassador displayed at the Wait and See exhibition

Cultural creative products of HIWIN Ambassador displayed at the Wait and See exhibition