Identifying Material Topics


Step 1 > Identify Stakeholders

In compliance with AccountAbility's AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard, HIWIN asks departments to identify stakeholders.

Step 1 > 鑑別利害關係人

Step 2 > Assess Sustainability Topics in Taiwan and Beyond

Identify 27 sustainability topics relevant to HIWIN in compliance with GRI Standards, international initiatives, UN SDGs, benchmark corporations, and HIWIN's management targets and visions.

Step 3 > Survey Internal / External Stakeholder Concern

HIWIN issued an online survey targeting 10 stakeholder categories to survey their level of concern in sustainability topics.

We sent out 434 stakeholder surveys and received 331 valid responses, which is a survey response rate of 76.3%.

Step 2 > 蒐集國內外永續性議題

Step 4 > Analyze Operational Impact

When identifying a topic's impact on the Company, HIWIN considers stakeholder concerns as well as economic, environmental, and social impacts. We also require our Sustainable Development Committee to assess and analyze the impacts of various topics on HIWIN operations as well as potential impacts on society, the environment, and the economy.

Step 5 > Create a Materiality Matrix

14 topics are selected by the Sustainable Development Committee based on internal/external surveys and analysis on weighted averages.

In 2021, we introduced a new material topic: Sponsorships by the HIWIN Education Foundation.

Step 5 > 繪製重大性矩陣

Step 6 > Set Disclosure Boundaries

Material Topics on HIWIN's Value Chain & Related UN SDGs.

Step 6 > 決定揭露邊界範疇

Step 7 > Review

Review to confirm the report presents a comprehensive view of the Company's sustainability operations and management practices/ performances. Continue to communicate with stakeholders, applying PDCA concepts to evaluate and improve all measures, which will then be included as a reference for annual performance management targets.