Guilds & Associations

Global Chairman and CEO Eric Y.T. Chuo of HIWIN formerly served as the 2nd and 3rd Chairman and currently serves as the Honorary Chairman of the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builder’s Association (TMBA). With the TMBA, Eric Y.T. Chuo has been dedicated to promoting upgrades in industries related to machine tools in Taiwan and also facilitated the Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS). Taichung is a major manufacturer hub of machine tools for the world, therefore, Eric Y.T. Chuo also promoted a new marketing model: combining the supply chain with the exhibition. The model is popular among participating manufacturers, local buyers, and global buyers.

As the Founder of the Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association (TAIROA), Eric Y.T. Chuo currently serves as its Honorary Chairman. Chuo continues to advocate for industry upgrades in Taiwan as well as investments in research and development, industry-academia cooperation, talent cultivation, and new technologies. Chuo also believes it is critical to capitalize on Taiwan's precision machinery, develop industrial IC from Taiwan's strong consumer IC foundation, and learn from Germany's practical sustainable development mindset. Acting on the mission to "transition Taiwan industries to smart manufacturing,"Chuo actively advocates for smart manufacturing and smart automation. He also strives to help businesses recognize academia's research and development capabilities to facilitate cooperation. In response to the growing education-job mismatch and to help industries find outstanding professionals, HIWIN has joined the forces of the industry and the academia since 2009 to promote certificates and testing for Automation Engineers. In 2016, HIWIN launched certificates and testing for Robotics Engineers to make Taiwan more competitive in the 21st Century.

Global Chairman and CEO Eric Y.T. Chuo is currently the Director of the Chinese National Federation of Industries (CNFI). He works with other businesses to promote industry upgrades in Taiwan and to strengthen cooperation between industries, the government, academia, and research institutes. Chuo is also the Director of the Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce (CNAIC), with which he provides innovative thinking to the government from the perspective of a machinery manufacturer to shape future industrial policies.

HIWIN has joined 43 societies, associations, and guilds. Senior executives have been appointed to serve as directors and managing directors to provide feedback on activities and suggestions on policies, which has been incredibly helpful to industry development.

Guilds & Associations
No. Association Role
1 Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers Member
2 Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce Executive Director
3 Chinese National Federation of Industries (Youth Committee) Member
4 Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders' Association (TMBA) Honorary Chairman & Managing Director
5 TMBA-elimi (Elegant Leader in Machinery Industry) Founder & Chairman
6 Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association (TAIROA) Honorary Chairman & Managing Director
7 Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association Member
8 The Entrepreneur Club Member
9 Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park Manufacturer Association Director
10 Chiayi Dapumei Precision Machinery Park Manufacturer Association Director
11 Importers & Exporters Association of Taipei Member
12 Monte Jade Science & Technology Association of Taiwan Member
13 Taiwan Excellent Brand Association (TEBA) Deputy Director
14 Taiwan Society of Tribology Technology Director
15 Chinese Professional Management Association Director
16 Chinese Professional Management Association - Outstanding Management Society Member
17 The Institute of Internal Auditors-Chinese Taiwan Member
18 Taiwan Stock Affairs Association Member
19 Chinese Management Association Member
20 Accounting Research and Development Foundation Member
21 Taiwan India Business Association Member
22 Taiwan Institute of Directors Member
23 Cross-Strait CEO Summit Vice Chairperson
24 Chinese National Federation of Industries (Employer Committee) Director
25 Council for Industrial & Commercial Development Member
26 Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) Director
27 Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association (TEEIA) Member
28 Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association (TAIROA) - Smart Manufacturing Committee Deputy Director
29 Taiwan V-team Member
30 Taichung City Industrial Park Manufacturer Association Convener
31 Yunlin Technology-based Industrial Park Manufacturer Association Member
32 Taichung City Friends of the Police Association Director
33 Precision Machinery Development Association of R.O.C. (CMD) Consultant & Director
34 Taiwan Society for Precision Engineering Member
35 Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association Member
36 Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry Member
37 Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) Member
38 Chinese Association for Industrial Technology Advancement (CAITA) Member
39 Chinese Business Ethics Education Association Director
40 Labor Relations Association, R.O.C. Managing Director
41 Taiwan-Russia Association Director
42 Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association, Taiwan Member
43 Central Taiwan Smart Machinery and Manufacturing Alliance (National Chung Hsing University) Member