Product Liability

HIWIN attaches great importance to products and services complying with health and safety regulations within their life cycles. We take great care to ensure the health and safety of customers and end users, and we also strive to fulfill sustainable development targets such as environmental protection. To such ends, all raw materials have been inspected by impartial third-party agencies to ensure materials and components comply with relevant health and safety standards, e.g., EU's RoHS.

HIWIN's products there is possibility might related to operational safety. As such, we rigorously test products during the product design and manufacturing process to ensure product safety meets relevant health and safety regulations. In 2019, HIWIN's robotic endoscope holder was authorized by the KFDA in South Korea and by the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand for market launch. Also in 2019, our articulated robot, electric gripper, and rotary joints all received certification from the RoHS, Machinery Directive, and EMC, which ensures that our products comply with quality and safety demands throughout the production process. HIWIN has established and implemented an internal control system to prevent products and services from violating health and safety regulations during their life cycles. As we continue to apply the internal control system, we will also identify internal control points or process flows that could be improved.

Marketing authorization from the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

Marketing authorization from the KFDA, South Korea