Education and Training

Nurturing Talent

HIWIN’s business mindset is built upon four pillars: employees, shareholders, long term development, and corporate social responsibility. Employees occupy the first pillar because only by cultivating good talents and building an outstanding team, can employees create the greatest value for the company. Therefore, the promotion of employee abilities and competencies to maintain a long-term competitive edge is the reason why HIWIN has built a comprehensive educational training system and cultivated an environment conducive to learning. HIWIN provides orientation training, core competency training, professional competency training, management competency training, deployment training, etc. Employees benefit from classroom training, e-learning, on-the job training, external training, book clubs, lectures, exhibitions, degree programs, job rotations, project assignments, etc. The content and methods of training are rich and diverse. We invest over NT$10 million per year in employee education and training every year, and we spent more than NT$2,000 per employee in 2021 to ensure that all have access to training opportunities.

HIWIN dedicated around 81,000 hours to training and development in 2021, with a total of 16,000 participants and an average of 16.8 hours of training per person. In response to trends in smart automation, additional courses on product design, analytical thinking, market trends, etc. were offered for R&D and business units. To fully cultivate leadership skills for supervisors, HIWIN created a series of customized leadership courses, providing training in accountability, communication, motivation, strategic management, horizontal and vertical analysis, etc.

Number of Employees Trained, Training Hours From 2017 to 2021

Year \ Category Trained Sessions of Training Provided Total Hours of Training Average Hoursof Training PerEmployee
Management Personnel Non-Management Personnel
Male Female Male Female
2017 393 63 3,995 700 23,256 148,478.8 30.58
2018 487 75 4,167 827 26,863 165,893.1 30.81
2019 487 76 3,738 652 34,887 214,208.5 45.80
2020 504 76 3,485 653 23,777 119,473.8 25.69
2021 509 78 3,355 609 16,237 81,356.5 16.79
  1. Training hours include classroom training and external training hours, but do not include others such as job coaching and job rotations.
  2. Due to the pandemic, interactive and experiential physical courses were suspended from 2020-2021.

Employee Training Hours From 2017 to 2021 (calculated by gender and employee category)

Year \ Category Average Hours of Training Per Employee
Demographic Gender Position
Direct Indirect Male Female Management Non-Management
2017 21.23 51.35 30.75 29.45 64.84 26.72
2018 21.02 52.39 30.82 30.37 72.10 26.00
2019 38.49 60.02 46.24 43.28 82.73 40.69
2020 18.97 36.7 25.37 25.07 52.83 21.47
2021 13.22 26.12 18.83 17.71 33.03 15.63

Note:Training hours include classroom training and external training hours, but do not include others such as job coaching and job rotations.


HIWIN is an organization that continues to learn, so besides continued development of employee professional capabilities, we also organize various health seminars, volunteer training, service activities, cultural literacy, financial management seminars, and daily legal matters seminars. Employees learn to balance work and physical and mental health and develop lifelong learning habits. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to enhance their employ ability.

Promoting In-House Instructors

To facilitate the passing down of culture and tacit knowledge, HIWIN Technologies continues to promote in-house instructors and apprenticeship programs - the Global Chairman, Chairman, President and top-level management are all in-house instructors. To ensure course content meets departmental needs, HIWIN will proactively convene senior professional employees from each department and human resources to form a course committee. The committee discusses the essential knowledge and skills vital to each course and communicates with instructors to plan course materials, implementation, and evaluation. Course committee members are also in-house instructors and after their training, pass down their knowledge and use actual work scenarios from each department as case studies to ensure the integration of theory and practice.

To give internal instructors more stage appeal, they ensure continuity of the program through experiential activities, guiding trainees to experience, reflect, summarize, and apply their learning. 36 internal instructors received a series of special training in 2021, 9 of whom will become Mind Map instructors in 2022 and are expected to train 268 colleagues.

Promoting In-House Instructors

Chairman Eddie W.H. Chuo provides guidance for work

In-house instructor training – team achievements

In-house instructor training – team achievements

Management/Core Competency Training

The promotion system at HIWIN is transparent and well-defined according to the management/core competencies required for each level. Supervisors/ employees at each level understand the abilities they need to train for and possess in the future, and once they complete the relevant training, they are offered the opportunity for a promotion.

Professional & Technical Training

The company's progress relies on the accumulation of professional knowledge of all its employees. For production line engineers, R&D engineers, quality assurance engineers, finance, human resources, intellectual property, etc., all departments plan their training methods according to job requirements and conduct on-the-job training and “Knowledge Days” in their respective departments.

In order for our employees to grow with the company, we actively tailor professional training for our employees so they can stay updated with the latest knowledge and apply it to their work. All formal employees are regularly evaluated, and new hires are evaluated at one- and three-month intervals after they join the company. Employees are evaluated on a quarterly basis, with a total of four quarterly appraisals and one year-end appraisal, to review workflow for continued improvement and to enhance performance for promotion. 864 employees were promoted in 2021.

Legal Training

The company's operation is closely related to government regulations, and HIWIN educates and promotes the government's policies on environmental safety and health, labor, new regulations for public companies, trade secrets, information security, etc. through internal/external courses and internal announcements. This strengthens employees' knowledge and application of laws and regulations and skillfully embeds human rights issues into appropriate training content. In 2021, 259 hours of courses were offered on human rights and anti-corruption issues, with a total of 2,175 trainees. Among them, 100% of the security guards were trained and there were no complaints of human rights violations during this period.

Total Number and Percentage of Employees Participating in Human Rights Training in 2019~2021

Year Item \ Category Demographic Gender Position
Direct Indirect Male Female Management Non-Management
2017 Total Number of Employees 446766 991 221 458 754
Percentage 9.5% 16.4% 21.2% 4.7% 9.8% 16.1%
2020 Total Number of Employees 1,065 761 1,473 353 238 1,588
Percentage 22.6% 16.1% 31.2% 7.5% 5% 33.7%
2021 Total Number of Employees 1,127 1,048 1,814 361 781 1,394
Percentage 23.3% 21.6% 37.4% 7.4% 16.1% 28.8%

External Training

In addition to participating in internal training, employees should also enrich their professional knowledge in various aspects. HIWIN encourages supervisors and employees to pursue degrees in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation, or job-related fields in order to refine their academic skills and make up for any gaps in professional knowledge during skills development, thus enhancing their developmental competitiveness. In 2021, HIWIN will support 75 employees through related courses at nearby technical colleges and universities, providing a total of about $1.68 million in subsidies.

External Training

External training – Graduation ceremony of mechanical engineering course

Online Learning / Video Courses

In order to facilitate the absorption of knowledge anywhere and at any time, HIWIN has created an online digital zone, where experienced and professional product managers record digital teaching materials and explain product operation, practical applications, specification selection, etc., to provide a diverse learning environment for all employees. Due to the pandemic, the in-person course went online to ensure social distancing, continued development, and uninterrupted learning. In 2021, 138 online/video courses were held with 4,433 participants. Through online group discussions, presentations, and instructor feedback, courses have achieved positive results. 138 online/ video courses were held in 2021 and were attended 4,433 times.