LOHAS "Family Activities"

“Employees” are key to the sustainable management of an organization. HIWIN organizes a series of "family activities" annually, allowing employees to enjoy their work and their family members a sense of participation. We hope that our employees can take care of their families outside of work so that their families can recognize and support their loved ones and become a robust source of support.

  1. Sports & Athletics Day

    In addition to regular ball games (basketball, softball, bowling, etc.), the annual Sports Day on May 1st is an important day for HIWIN employees. In order to let employees exercise and get creative. We arrange cheer leading and trivia competitions, as well as lifestyle dining events. Employees were also encouraged to bring their families to the party, to be closer to each other and the company. In 2021, the event was suspended due to COVID-19.

    Trivia competition

    Trivia competition

  2. LOHAS Summer Holidays

    In order to bring employees closer and transform the relationship from a colleague to that of a family, HIWIN hopes that they can share the joy of family and the experience of parenting together. HIWIN subsidies employee travels each year to allow HIWIN babies to meet more playmates and build a world of their own, as well as to help employees achieve a balance between work and family.

  3. Photography Contest

    The photography contest is held every year to encourage employees to show their creativity and pay attention to the people and things in their everyday lives and surroundings. Employees who love to travel and take photos can cultivate observational skills and an appreciation for beauty.

    Winning entry for photography contest –New Shoots

    Winning entry for photography contest – New Shoots