Talent Development

In addition to maintaining the Company's reputation and developing core technologies, HIWIN also proactively participates in public welfare activities to cultivate precision machinery professionals, which will also contribute to society.

1.HIWIN Thesis Award

In 2004, HIWIN invested NT$10 million to launch the HIWIN Thesis Award, in which we hope to combine the strengths of the industry and academia to improve R&D, enhance the added value of products, and increase our industry's core competitiveness. In 2021, the HIWIN Thesis Award welcomed its 18th anniversary and we are proud to announce that we have invested over NT$150 million into this endeavor. Over the past 18 years, the HIWIN Thesis Award has received 1,742 submissions, given out 271 awards, and awarded a total of 576 advisors and students. What's more, the HIWIN Thesis Award has inspired other companies to set up their own thesis awards. It has also been highly valued and praised by the mechanical engineering field and academic community, and has been recognized as the Nobel Prize for the mechanical engineering field.

HIWIN Thesis Award

18th HIWIN Thesis Award-winning advisors and students with distinguished guests

2.HIWIN Doctoral Dissertation Award for Excellence in Mechanical Engineering

Since 2011, HIWIN has invested about NT$20 million annually and commissioned the China Society of Mechanical Engineering (CMES) in Beijing to host the HIWIN Doctoral Dissertation Award for Excellence in Mechanical Engineering. The award aims to encourage students in Mainland China and Taiwan to conduct research in the field of mechanical engineering and automation, so as to cultivate mechanical engineering professionals and promote industry academia cooperation, thus promoting technological upgrades and innovation in the mechanical engineering field. Over the past 11 years, the HIWIN Doctoral Dissertation Award has received 1,335 submissions, given out 272 awards, and awarded a total of 608 professor advisors and students.

HIWIN Thesis Award

10th HIWIN Doctoral Dissertation Award-winning advisors and students with distinguished guests

3.HIWIN Smart Robotics Contest

Since 2008, HIWIN has allocated NT$3 million annually for the HIWIN Smart Robotics Contest. Our hope is to discover talents in relevant industries in the contest, effectively promote industry-academia cooperation, and enhance Taiwan's robotics industry. Over the past 13 years, the HIWIN Smart Robotics Contest has welcomed 364 teams, handed out 166 awards, and awarded a total of 1,057 advisors and students. Due to the pandemic, the 2021 competition was postponed to 2022.

HIWIN Smart Robotics Contest

13th HIWIN Smart Robotics Contest

4.HIWIN Japan International Machine Tool Fair Tour for College Students

Since 2010, HIWIN has hosted the HIWIN Japan International Machine Tool Fair Tour for Students (HIWIN JIMTOF Tour) activity every two years, spending NT$2 million for each tour. Participating students are given the opportunity to visit the biennial Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF) and Japan's leading factories.

We launched the HIWIN JIMTOF Tour so that students can learn from other countries during the visit and expand their global perspectives and glean insight from international precision machinery technology. With the HIWIN JIMTOF Tour, we hope that Taiwanese students can dedicate themselves to machinery-related industries in the future and compete with the precision machinery industries of Japan, Germany, and other countries. These students are believed to be an important driving force for the future of Taiwan's machinery industry. Between 2010 and 2018, the HIWIN JIMTOF Tour sent 151 students to Japan. Unfortunately, the 6th HIWIN JIMTOF Tour in 2020 was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2018 HIWIN JIMTOF Tour students at the JIMTOF

2018 HIWIN JIMTOF Tour students at the JIMTOF

2018 HIWIN JIMTOF Tour students learning about products

2018 HIWIN JIMTOF Tour students learning about products

5.Leading the Automation Engineer and Robotic Engineer Certification Programs and Examinations

In recent years, there has been a growing education-job mismatch in the machinery industry. As such, degrees are now a poor reference for companies when hiring fresh graduates. In response to the growing education-job mismatch gap, HIWIN invested funding and manpower to bring the industry and academia together to assist the Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association (TAIROA) with their Automation Engineer certification exams. The idea has been recognized and supported by academia and the industry. The exam questions are designed and reviewed by over 400 automation related teachers and over 100 senior executives. More than 200 companies have expressed their willingness to hire or interview certified engineers first. The first Automation Engineer exam was held in December 2009 and the first Robotics Engineer license examination was held in January 2017. As of December 2021, TAIROA has organized 24 Automation Engineer exams and 10 Robotics Engineer exams. A total of 36,888 people have registered for the exams and 10,037 certificates have been issued.

Certificate exam poster

Certificate exam poster

6.Nurturing international talents

Talent cultivation requires systematic planning, coupled with continuous and long-term investment. Through many innovative programs, HIWIN holds various educational programs and sponsorship activities, with the goal of improving labor quality and cultivating international talents.

•Accounting Cultivation Program (Asia University)

Since 2013, HIWIN has sponsored the Accounting Counselling Class program of the Accounting and Information Science Department of Asia University, which aims to improve students' professional accounting abilities and international mobility, and help top students become professional accountants. In 2021, HIWIN invested NT$1,117,460 in the program and 764 students participated. Now entering its 9th year, the program has welcomed a cumulative total of 2,796 students and has greatly increased students' willingness to obtain certificates. The program's evening sessions have also become one of the program's greatest attractions. Most importantly, the program has urged many students to plan out their careers as early as possible, which we believe is a testimony to the program's success.

•Professional Certificate Assistance Program (Tamkang University)

Since 2011, HIWIN has sponsored students from the Accounting Department of Tamkang University to obtain professional certificates related to accounting. The program includes 1. Accountant Examination Support; 2. Bookkeeper Courses; 3. Accountant Managing Courses; 4. English Proficiency Test. The program has encouraged students in the Accounting Department to study hard in school, an attribute that has been valued by the school. With this experience, the University is planning to introduce similar professional certification programs into different departments. As of now, a cumulative total of 3,816 students have participated in the program. In 2021, the program welcomed 483 new students, and HIWIN sponsored a total of NT$389,800 to support the program.

•HIWIN Scholarship

In 2012, HIWIN established the HIWIN Scholarship at the Dalian University of Technology to encourage college students with solid professional foundations and innovative spirits, also in 2014, the HIWIN Outstanding Student Scholarship was established. In addition to obtaining training funds, the winning students can also exchange abroad. In 2017, scholarships have also been established at the Xi'an Jiaotong University to foster our students. Since 2012, the HIWIN Scholarship has sponsored 420 students, and the HIWIN Outstanding Student Scholarship has sponsored 130 students.

•Passing on Industry Energy

《Smart Factory Arrived!》

MIT has always been our pride, not just because of the slogan, but because there have always been people there fighting to make MIT a reality.

Published by the HIWIN Education Foundation and Common Wealth Magazine on April 28, 2021, Smart Factory Arrived! tells the story of the 1000-day "Pilot Program." Author Chen Yunghan's keen insights and in-depth writing records a comprehensive but easy-to-understand transformation story of how HIWIN led four traditional industries to transform from Industry 1.0 to Industry 3.0. The article allowed readers to witness a watershed moment in Taiwan's manufacturing industry. Taiwan is in need of new drivers and HIWIN plays an important role. In 2021, HIWIN sent 5,381 Smart Factory Arrived! to partners in the government, industries, and universities in the hope of inspiring thoughts of our future together and growing together.

Certificate of Appreciation

《Listening to the Sound of Flowers Blossoming》

In 2018, Taichung hosted the World Flora Expo. HIWIN collaborated with 11 local companies to create the cross-border art installation: Listening to the Sound of Flowers Blossoming, which attracted great popularity and showcased Taiwan to the world. In order to record this process, HIWIN President Enid H.C. Tsai personally supervised the compilation of an eponymous book.

President of HIWIN, Enid H.C. Tsai was inspired by artists in the 1970s as they said, "Culture can blossom only if it is rooted in the soil of the hometown." Today, she wonders "whether the development of aesthetics should also be rooted in the soil of education..." In 2021, we sent 1,398 Listening to the Sound of Flowers Blossoming to Taiwan's public libraries, university libraries, and professors teaching in design departments in the hopes of passing down and sharing the experience. The books were well-received by the public.

Listening to the Sound of Flowers Blossoming